First time setting up a computer since I was 12, although this time is not for playing Fifa 2002… instead, getting more and more involved within the #blockchain & #ethereum communities by becoming an eth miner.

Of course, the reasons are not only supporting blockchain and ethereum but also to learn about investment through experimentation. Why did I decide to build my own mining equipment?

  • The hardware in my property ergo the principal is protected. In the worst case-scenario I keep a computer that I could liquidate or use as I wish.
  • I can adapt to and learn from different situations.

Mining hardware: 3 GPUs Sapphire Nitro RX 570 8gb

Total Cost of the PC: 1250 €

Hashrate: ETH: 81 Mh/s, DCR: 1623 Mh/s

Current outputs: 85 €/mo worth of ETH and DCR after deducting electricity costs.

Software: Claymore dual miner.
Pools: Nanopool for ETH and Supranova for DCR

My ETH miner:…df2a84f7e2ed23

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