With ICOs causing so much noise due to the possibility of potentially making very good money in extremely short terms, nobody seems to be paying close attention to the huge earning potential of the long game.

Blockchain is here to stay

“Blockchain is here to stay” Many people say. And it might be true, and I do believe it is true. But, if it is here to stay, why there seems to be no one really caring about value creation? why is there so little information (or “hype”) about the progress of these “post-ICO blockchain-startups”? For most, information is in ICO alerts, in the charts and in “macro-economic news”: China do this, Europe do that, SE Asia signed whatever, USA is investigating… I’m not saying it is not important to have a macro-understanding of what is going on. But, assuming that you are a believer like I am, assuming that blockchain is gonna stay, lets be more specific: Where should we be investing?

Yes, I have also participated in ICOs and I have also been playing short since April and I got profits above 300% since then. But as a young man, who has never “invested” in anything before nor have studied economics or similar, I’m discovering everything while playing the game. First thing I discovered, after July’s crash, is that I was not investing, I was speculating, and therefore, being really luck so far.

Today I decided to think differently. While people are moving their money in a daily-weekly basis, focused on ICOs, trends, charts, hype, and so on, some startups are making more progress than noise. Many of them undervalued. The prices of most tokens are bellow their ICO prices. Why? I don’t really know. My guess is that it has a lot to do with trading psychology. We all know that statistically, 90–99% of these startups will fail. They are not any better than other entrepreneurs or startup niches. But they will not fail because speculators do not value them as much as during their ICOs. They will not fail because their token price had been decreased.

In the long run, they will succeed or fail based only on their ability to create and deliver value, just as any other organization.

Aragon is a good example of that. ANT token is an example of what I mean. This team, this project is really focused on value creation. They showed their potential (unlike most “hyped” startups) by building a working alpha version of their product quite before asking for money. Nowadays partnering, advising and focusing on delivering value starting from the next year. A clear roadmap, a great team, nice partnerships, many people interested in becoming early adopters for their beta version (key point: There is hype among customers, not (only) among speculators).

ANT initial price started at 0.01 ETH, but because it may seem to be a “boring” token for most speculators, the current price is around 0.0075 ETH (25% bellow ICO’s price). ANT is just an example and I wonder how many cases like this are there. How many post-ICO startups (or tokens) are undervalued?

Advise to myself: Change the strategy. Focus on value creation. Forget about hype. Think like an investor. Thanks to the noise and to speculation, there may be many good entry opportunities for long term investors. Why should you waste your time reading graphs? Isn’t it more intelligent and fun to learn from the breakthroughs that all these entrepreneurs are sharing with us? Traction, whitepapers, road maps, value propositions, potential and actual customers… You can really learn about actual challenges and problems to be solved in the world. You may not become wealthy overnight, but you will be getting wiser day after day.

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