Unlocking Networks

Unlocking Networks is a hub for social movement-makers, community managers and local group leaders to unlock the power of successful peer networks.

The Peer Network Programme or People’s Community of Practice (CoP) was a programme funded by Power to Change, the independent trust supporting community businesses in England, and run by The Social Change Agency and Shared Assets. From 2016-2018 it supported 13 community business peer networks to:

  • Develop new and innovative approaches which improve peer networks and support movement towards self-sustainability
  • Improve collaboration between support providers and community businesses across the sector
  • Attract new ideas, opinions and approaches to stimulate creativity from a wider field of influence
  • Assess the merits of different networking approaches e.g. digital, online/offline, resource/experience sharing
  • Identify, where possible new viable business models e.g. membership, blend of digital/face to face, to support peer to peer networks over the longer term​

When: January 2018 – April 2018
Partners: Erasmus for Entrepreneurs, The Social Change Agency, Shared Assets and Power to Change.

Role: Project Management.
Coordination of participants and contractors for the creation and delivery of the Unlocking Networks platform and events.

Unlocking Networks Toolkit

+info: www.unlockingnetworks.org

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