Mission: To help SMEs to solve their cash-flow problems by connecting them with a crowd of investors

When: September 2016 – February 2018

Partners: LánzanosEOI, Centro Internacional Santander de Emprendimiento

Role: Founder/ Entrepreneur.


SMEs challenges flipsimply
stock management flipsimply
  • 99% of the businesses in Europe are SMEs
  • Their biggest concerns are about funding and how to get customers.
  • SMEs selling products are constantly looking for working capital as their levels of stock fluctuate up and down.

–Market Research–

crowdfunding growth flipsimply
crowdfunding growth spain flipsimply
  • Crowdfinancing in the EU is growing very fast (~100% per annum).
  • Crowdfinancing allows to raise money and gain customers in the same campaign.
  • Lending crowdfunding is responsible for +70% of the funds raised.


Flipsimply Borja BM

  • Participated in EOI, Yuzz incubation programs.
  • A pilot project is launched in Summer – gave 21% annualized interest to the investors.
  • +45.000€ are invested in the development of the platform


Flipsimply Borja BM

  • Flipsimply is created – a crowd financing platform that allows investors to participate in the purchases of inventory, earning an interest when the inventory is sold.
  • The business owners get the cash as well as product awareness, as hundreds of investors become word of mouth of the products.

+info: flipsimply.com

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