East Bali Bamboo Bikes

Mission: Sustainable Economic Development

When: March 2016 – September 2016

Partners: East Bali Poverty ProjectJohn Hardy

Role: Intrapreneur.


rural indonesia bamboo
bamboo planted east bali poverty project
  • 6 impoverished communities, +19.000 inhabitants
  • High dependency on NGO support  (education, sanity and social care)
  • Reforestation program: +7 yr planting bamboo (NGO + communities)
  • Basic bamboo skills (part of their culture)


cegi Bali bamboo borja bm
Knife bamboo borja bm
  • Complex logistics
  • Lack of advanced tools (only manual tools available)
  • Highly competitive market (very low profit margins)


workshop bamboo handicraft borja bm

  • Blue Ocean discovery (looking into  high-quality/ very profitable products)
  • Crowdfunding campaign to  build a workshop, to validate ideas and to find strategic partnership opportunities.
  • Capacitation program for high school students and bamboo leaders


east bali bamboo bikes frame borja bm

  • 40 bamboo bikes sold
  • Ecommerce launched
  • +$300/frame in profits

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