Social Innovation

Design Thinking vs Systems Thinking

The rise of methodologies based on Design Thinking principles in recent years makes a lot of sense since they allow us to build innovative solutions effectively. However, are Design Thinking methodologies enough to solve complex social and environmental problems? Why isn’t Systems Thinking very popular among social innovators and entrepreneurs? Design Thinking Design Thinking processes…

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We’re Unlocking Networks

Article originally published in The Social Change Agency. If this is the first time you’re hearing about the Unlocking Networks project then we highly recommend you to visit and find out more about it. In 2016 Unlocking Networks began as a hub for social movement-makers, community managers and local group leaders to unlock the…

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10 tips: from groupthink to effective group decision-making

As a consultant, I’ve had the chance to participate and lead tens of workshops and group exercises, in which innovative solutions had to be found, defined and tested for diverse problems. Following the advice and methods of more experienced consultants at Kaizen Institute, I could facilitate discussions and exercises within multidisciplinary groups, getting together to…

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Blockchain Movement and the Social Sector.

The Blockchain Movement is here and we’d better get on board. In 2017, the cryptocurrency bitcoin hit the news. For better or for worse, blockchain is becoming integrated into our lives. In this article, we review the history behind blockchain, analysing how it became a movement that aims to revolutionize the way we store and…

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Entrepreneurship & Refugees.

“During the past two years, 1.3 million people fleeing conflict and persecution have travelled through Greece in search of safety and a better life in Europe. With the closure of the Balkan borders and the implementation of the EU-Turkey agreement in March 2016, refugees can no longer continue their journeys. The legal path available to…

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