The successful crowdfunding campaign we launched on 10th June, Build a Workshop for 19 East Bali Villages reached its funding target in early July and has stirred much excitement and anticipation among the EBPP Bamboo Team, our high school students and villagers.

The workshop, the latest addition to our Daya Bamboo Centre, will serve as a bamboo/woodworking training and development centre. After receiving extra funding, its total dimensions have been increased from the initial 24 square metres to 32 square meters (4×8 m). The basic, but professional, equipment like an electrical saw, sanding machine, pillar drilling machine and some painting tools will bring technological resources to the people from Desa Ban thanks to the support of all the campaign crowd funders! In addition, 3 laptops were donated by our new partner, COMO Shambhala Resort, through their MasterCard PwP CSE programme and a copy lathe and a thickness planer machine were donated by our very dedicated Indonesian donor, Pak Ramli, as a sign of his continued trust and confidence in this project.

After a couple of weeks of building, the foundation and columns of this dream have been built and the walls are nearing completion as we write this. In the next few days, we will see the walls completed, roof, doors and windows being installed.

What’s next? Professional training will be provided to all our high school students in our 6 remote schools, who are becoming the future community trainers and the first bamboo products will be developed. These products will be shared on social media to give you the opportunity to continue being involved, both through receiving your feedback and purchasing handicrafts.

Thank you very much for supporting us!

Originally published at on August 26, 2016.

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