When creating something new you do not only learn about what you are creating but also about the whole ecosystem surrounding your product.

Last October 5th, 2017 I had the chance to share the knowledge I had gained after months researching on the crowdfunding market in Spain and Europe with new entrepreneurs from the CEMIT-INNOVA work-group.

I started with the story of my first crowdfunding campaign, and continued describing the different types and uses of crowdfunding platforms and the motivations that the backers, investors or lenders have to move money into someone’s project. Finally, I shared some real examples and finished with a round of questions.

What would you ask? Do not hesitate to send me your questions!

Why: Guide social entrepreneurs in the use of crowd-financing tools.

Where: Espacio Arroelo, Pontevedra, Spain

Duration: 3 hours

Other Participants: Xunta de Galicia, EstrategiaTic, Suma Importancia

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